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Are you ready for.......

* Stress relief
* Relaxation & deep calm
* Pain management
* Improved sleep
*Improved Immunity function
* Improved clarity & focus
* Emotional well-being
* Support of processing emotions
* A better balanced and grounded lifestyle
and more!


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Tai Chi Easy classes Friday mornings now!
Next morning sessions of Tai Chi Easy class starts
Friday, May 3rd - Jun 7th, 2024. 
Upstairs at the Lou Jeffries Arena, 10:30 am. 
Investment is $85. 
Pre-registration is required. 

Hi!  I'm Kim.


I'm a Holistic Instructor, Holistic Practitioner and Holistic Fitness Guide.

From relaxation to pain relief to emotional well-being and more, I support and guide you in your healing journey.  Using my unique skill set and ability to "read" the energy I assist you on your path to well-being.

Together we create balance with innovative holistic services or by participating in classes and workshops giving you the opportunity for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.


The space is provided to help you reconnect with yourself on the path to relaxing, recharging and rejuvenating.

I invite you to explore all that I have to offer.  You’re worth it!

It all starts here......

Tai Chi



"The energy work that Kim provides greatly relieves the buildup of stress mainly in my neck and shoulders. I see it as an important preventive measure in helping to avoid potential illness.  I, also, get a very significant feeling of grounding and emotional balance.
Maintaining a sense of calm can sometimes be difficult when life gets extra challenging but I have noticed a great improvement with this thanks to Kim.

She has worked hard over the years to build up an extensive wealth of knowledge and continues to seek out new information that she generously shares if she thinks it will be of benefit.

She is always positive, and very caring. It is clear from her enthusiasm that she really enjoys her work and her wonderful laugh is so uplifting.

Thank you Kim for all you do!"

"I have been a very happy client of Kim's for the past two years plus.  Kim has a very positive approach to her techniques and with Kim working with me I now have a better knowledge of how to de stress and how to be kinder to my body as I age."

- K. Shakell

"I came into Qi Gong with my doubts on the benefits it could provide to my mental and physical health.  Kim’s classes that include recognizing our own & others positive energy has had a profound effect on my internal self and well being.  

The focus & stretching for one hour has greatly improved my physical self.  The benefits of her classes are amazing….I highly recommend it! Thanks again for your classes Kim…I so needed to add something good & positive into my life which your classes has done and more!"

"Kim  is an excellent instructor with a genuine passion for holistic health. She has a profound understanding of energy and is not only committed to further deepening her knowledge and skill, but her enthusiasm for QT and its implications is contagious. QT is not just Kim’s profession; it’s something she has incorporated into her everyday life. She not only teaches QT, she lives it. Kim’s workshops are refreshingly down-to-earth with a focus on the practical.  I would highly recommend taking one of her workshops!"

- E. Gunsinger

"I've been sleeping phenomenally since coming to see you, Kim"

- K. Martin

"I have been a client with Kim since May 2014. I consistently see her weekly for Quantum Touch, Reflexology and massage. She has helped me to deal with stress, emotional issues and any aches and pains that I have.  She has increased my vibration and allowed me to deal with what life puts before me in a calm manner.  Members of my family are clients as well. 

Kim also offers Qigong/Tai Chi group classes which I have been attending for approximately 5 years. 

I have come far in the past 7 years and I will continue being a client as long as Kim keeps practicing.  I highly recommend KRC Wellness to anyone who wishes to achieve balance and maintain their health."

T. Henry

- C. Wright

- B. Hutchings


- Teena S.

"I felt I should share my story with others, to help them heal and benefit from the practices I've been
introduced too. I was referred to Kim back in October 2021 by a close friend to help me in a time of
need. I have to explain in full detail how this all played out, otherwise no one will appreciate the progress
I have made , thanks to Kim.

I lost my father to suicide in August 2021. On that very night I had to move my mom in with me, as she
was bound to a wheelchair and unable to care for herself due to her health issues. I left my career to
care for her, not knowing at the time, that I would never go back.

The next few months were a blur. Mom had surgery in September and I had to changed her bandages,
bathe her, and listen to her when she relived that dreadful night. Yes, she was home and yes he took his
life in the next room. So, my grieving time didn't happen, but I thought I was doing ok.

In October I developed crippling back pain, which I blamed on pushing her in her wheelchair, or bathing
or lifting. I went for x rays and it showed that my SI joints were full of inflammation, arthritis and the starting of
scoliosis. How did this all happen so suddenly? They put me on a prescription and gave me an
outcome I wasn't going to give into.

I met Kim after calling her to cleanse my parents house. My mom was suppose to move back at
some point, but needed some closure of some sort. Kim felt energies there, but good ones. She knew
nothing of how he died or where it happened before coming. But, she felt a heavy energy in the room
where he had been. The only energies that were off, were my mom and myself. When I walked her to her car,
she spoke to me about energy medicine and Quantum-Touch healing, and she was very concerned about the weight I was
carrying. So I booked a session with her.

I can't remember the exact date, but within a short time, approx. 2 months, I was pain free in my back.
When you suffer trauma, as I did, or live a life in fight or flight, your body tends to carry the stress in
different areas. I was a chronic migraine sufferer and always had neck and shoulder pain, which I blamed
on my job. This too is no longer. And I have had relationships mended that I never thought would
happen. Apologies, acceptance and true happiness for others.

I am learning how energy works, how to raise my vibration and take time for me now. Kim has helped
me work with my anger, trauma, self esteem, and most of all self worth. I spent my life working to provide
for others and never myself. All this pressure caught up with me when dad died.

Now, 1 year later, I feel like a new person. My mom moved home, but I didn't go back to work. I wasn't
ready. I choose me, and time to heal and become a more balanced person. But I could never have done
this without Kim. After each session I feel 10x stronger, like a weight is lifted from my body.
I am so grateful for having Kim in my life, to help me heal and grow. I would never have thought that my
health could have been improved without some sort of prescription, but it is. Thank you Kim for your healing techniques and caring, understanding ways."

KRC Wellness
Kim Cross, RRPr


(613) 539-1462

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