Workshops & Classes

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Workshops require a minimum number of participants.



Qigong with Guided Meditation/Visualisation

This class teaches gentle, rhythmic movements and simple stretches which are powerfully effective in helping to reduce stress, build stamina & strength, increase vitality & circulation, enhance the immune system and more!


Plus....Enjoy a guided meditation/visualisation afterwards to enhance your experience!


Your investment for 5 classes is $65


Pre-registration is required

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Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop


Experience an exciting weekend of healing for everyone!


Enjoy a wonderful  therapy that teaches you to amplify and focus life-force energy to effectively  help alleviate pain, reduce stress, balance emotions, and promote a calm and focused lifestyle, plus so much more!


Quantum-Touch® is a hands on healing style that teaches simple breathing and body awareness exercises that can be easily learned by everyone.  Whether new to the idea of energy healing, in the professional health care field, or practicing other healing modalities, Quantum-Touch will allow you a dimension of power to complement your current methods or is amazing as a stand alone modality.


This is a Level 1 Quantum-Touch Workshop where each of you will receive individual attention, give and receive several hours of Quantum-Touch and learn everything you need in order to give QT.  This class provides you with all the basic concepts and experience.


A Certificate of Completion towards Practitioner/Instructor status is provided with this workshop.


This two day workshop is a $380.00 investment if registered 14 days in advance.  $460.00 after that.


Pre-registration is required.

Spectacular Journey of the Chakras

In this one day workshop you will explore the seven major chakras of our body's energy system and how they affect your overall health.  You will be provided with tools and techniques on how to balance what has become blocked or overloaded in order to move toward health, vitality and harmony.


This workshop is a $135.00 investment.

Pre-registration is required.

Energetic Grounding & Clearing Workshop

In this one day workshop you will learn grounding, clearing and healing of your energetic self so you may stay aware and present in the moment.  You will also learn techniques in clearing and cleaning the energy in your home, car and work space enabling you to maintain a harmonious and balanced life feeling empowered, energized and confident.


This one day workshop is a $135.00 investment.


Pre-registration is required.