Sessions are available in my office or your venue of choice.


Please Note:  All Services Are By Appointment Only.


I can customize and individualize all sessions to meet your particular needs OR you can choose from one of the following popular services:



Quantum Massage

This tranquil and de-stressing body massage is ideal for anyone wanting to reduce tension, soothe muscle soreness and promote a feeling of well-being... a perfect treatment for lovers of a blissfully relaxing massage.

This uniquely designed 90 minute treatment is an infusion of several energetic modalities (Relaxation Massage,        Quantum-Touch®, Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Reflexology). 


The ultimate indulgence for your body, mind and spirit.

A hands-on vibrational method that reduces stress, creates relaxation and acceleration of healing plus so much more. 


Leave with  a glowing radiance, serene and balanced.


Not Just a foot rub!

This ancient form of healing allows you to float into a deep state of calm.  Application of pressure points to the feet restores the flow of energy, eases muscle aches and promotes relaxation.     


Finish the session with a luxurious foot massage.

Feeling overwhelmed?  This innovative treatment focusses on the 7 main energy centres of the body using energy work & reflexology.  Leave feeling calm, focussed and grounded!

Other Services

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Energy Medicine for Animals

Head to toe wellness and pampering package for retreats, parties, girls/guys nights, bridal parties, birthdays or just because.........the ultimate indulgence.


You can now enjoy the benefits of massage, energy healing & reflexology in the comfort of your own home  or venue surrounded by friends.


This package has been created to achieve soothing and delightful effects for your body, mind and soul.


Choose one or a combination from the Wellness Menu to customize your own package, treat yourself to a half hour, hour, or more, of sheer bliss.


Wellness Menu


Full Body Relaxation Massage

Leg & Foot Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage




Chakra Balancing


Animals respond favourably to natural methods.  It is calming and relaxing and helps to stimulate their own body's healing abilities.

Balancing or "Clearing" of your Home or Business

Does your living or work area feel a little “off”?  Do you sense any heaviness or do you get anxious or apprehensive when you walk into certain spaces?  Are you having trouble selling your house or are you moving into a new house?  Are you starting a new business?  Has the space had trauma or was their negative experiences?  Or does it just need a good “fluffing” up?


Allow me to come into your space and help to balance and clear out any imbalances there may be leaving it with a lighter feeling and a better “flow”.