Retreat Packages & Services

I am happy to be working with Thousand Islands Suite Retreat to offer individual services and retreat packages to enhance your stay there.  It's the perfect way to relax, recharge and rejuvenate during your time in the area.  All services and packages must be scheduled at the time of booking with Thousand Islands Suite Retreat.



Add any one of the following with your stay at Thousand Islands Suite Retreat just click on the link and it will take you to a full description of each service:

One Hour Service of:


"Surrender to the Bliss" Massage



Chakra Balancing



$75/per person




One and a Half Hour Service of:


The "Zen" Experience


$115/per person


Spend one of your days investing in yourself and learning about the seven major chakras (your energetic power centres).  You will be given tools, tips & techniques on how to keep them balanced & healthy.


Spectacular Journey of the Chakras


$135/per person

(Requires 3 or more people)




Start the first night off with a calming and relaxing guided group Meditation plus an energetic balancing and alignment.


The next morning begin your day by getting your "energy" flowing with a group  Qigong session.


After lunch enjoy a soothing and blissful individual one hour services for the afternoon.


$115/per person 

(Requires 2 or more people)


If you wish to add more services, meditation or qigong for extended stays please inquire at time of booking.


Enjoy two full days immersing yourself in the "energy" by taking a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop.  This amazing hands-on method of natural healing is simple yet highly effective and powerful and never disappoints.  You will learn self-awareness techniques and breath work to help you focus and amplify energy.


For more info go here

Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop

and here



$350/per person

(Requires 2 or more people)